Warranty Policy

This document sets forth the warranty policy between the Manufacturer (referred as we or TMS Lite Sdn Bhd) and you (‘Purchaser’) who purchase the products. This warranty policy is subject to the provisions as set forth herein and is subject to the terms and conditions as stated in this warranty policy.

Every products manufactured are thoroughly checked and tested before shipment. We guarantee our products to be free of manufacturer defects, including anything required in the assembly process and the materials. If a defect develops during warranty period, we encourage you to return the complete product to the manufacturer or the distributor you purchased from. We will inspect the unit, and if a defect is found, it’s shall be the manufacturer’s option, to either repair or replace the product at no additional cost based on the warranty term stated below.

Warranty Product:

“Product” in this policy refer to all lighting manufactured by TMS Lite only. Other range of warranty (accessories & controller), please contact warranty@tms-lite.com for further information before purchase.

Warranty Period:

TMS Lite products are covered under limited warranty. If you purchase the products from distributors, please check the warranty details and period from the distributor where the products are purchased from.

Products with limited warranty:
Standard Lighting : 3 years
Customize Lighting : 1 year with condition-refer to warranty team
UR/IR Lighting : 1 year

Commencement of Warranty

To qualify for the 3 years warranty, the product must be registered. If the product is not registered, the warranty reverts to 1 year.
Commencement date will be based on the date of registration (between the period of 3 months of manufacturer shipping date) in the warranty webpage.

All Products warranty to be register at: https://onlineapps.tms-lite.com/#/external/warranty (if products are registered after the 3 months of manufacturer shipping date, the warranty will automatically start, based on the manufacturing date stated at the lighting tag.)

Warranty Term

TMS Lite will only replace the product (1 to 1 replacement) or repair the products Free of Charge:
  • If the product fails to function under the use of our specified condition in accordance with the instruction guide and other written cautions.
  • If the products (except UV, IR, Customization Products) radiant quantity * decreases up to 50% or less of its initial radiant quantity under the use of our specified condition in accordance with the instruction guide and other written cautions

Chargeable Fees

TMS Lite will only charge repair fees under the following conditions:
  • If the product has been subjected to inappropriate usage, unauthorized repairs, or modification from its original design.
  • If the product has been damaged from impacts due to inappropriate handling.
  • If damage to the products result from external causes including accidents, fire, pollution, riots, communication failures, earthquakes, thunderstorms, wind and flood damage, or any other act of providence, or from any extraordinary conditions such as electrical surges, water leakage, condensation, or the use of the chemicals.
  • If the damages results are due to inappropriate connection to any power supply or to any equipment which the manufacturer do not supply or do not specify for use.

Shipping Fees

Shipping fees of the “products to be fixed” will be borne by purchaser, Shipping fees (excluding taxes & expedite shipping fees) for the “fixed products” will be borne by manufacturer.


TMS Lite shall not be held liable for any liability or damages (including damage of equipment, bodily injury, loss of opportunities, loss of profits, any other damages resulting from force majeure event, failure, delayed on delivery or non-delivery and etc) causes by the products or its defects.

Extended Warranty Period

Warranty may be extended at a nominal fee. Please contact warranty team for more information.

Warranty Claim

All warranty claim must be applied online through the warranty claim website. Claim from other channels will not be entertained.

Claim at: https://onlineapps.tms-lite.com/#/external/warrantyclaim

Warranty Claim Lead Time

Warranty claim lead time exclude processing timing such as claim investigation period, shipment period for products return and delivery:
  • Standard Lighting: 5 working days
  • Standard Customize Lighting: 10 working days
  • Fully Customize Lighting: 20 working days
The radiant quantity refers to the wattage of physical energy radiated from a led. It refers to the radiation luminosity of the led measured under conditions specified by the manufacturer or the radiation illumination of the led under specified irradiation conditions. We specify the radiant quantity for each led light because the measurement and irradiation conditions vary from the form, the application and the irradiation wavelength.