Your LED Illumination Solution Provider

We Solve Engineer Problems:

  • Who wants to start a project but is unsure of what to get
  • Who faces problem in finding the suitable and matching lighting, accessories like controller and etc.
  • Who has budget limitation for a project



  • Unique design of our own.
  • Plug & Play & Modular Concept
  • Easy to Install
  • Affordable
  • Offer full range of World-Class Services & Facilities to our customers.
  • We educate our customer first before selling

TMS Lite Singapore PTE LTD

5001 Beach Road, #04-01 Golden Mile Complex, Room Number: F5
+65 9888 8157

TMS Lite Lite Sdn Bhd (Headquarter)

No, 2A-2,Tingkat Kenari 5, Desaria, Sungai Ara,11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang, Malaysia.

Who is TMS Lite?

Established since 2004 in Penang, Malaysia, TMS LITE has been an Illumination Solution Partner for the Machine Vision Industry. TMS LITE’s illuminations are spread across six regions of Malaysia and over 45 countries.

Known as the one stop Illumination solution provider in the Asia Pacific region; Our team consists of creative and innovative illumination experts who are able to perform RAPID prototyping for CUSTOMIZATION illumination in a short period of time with an affordable price.

We have our own unique design of illuminations which contains these features:

  • Lego and modular concept which is able to transform one lighting to different types of lighting to be applied in multiple application
  • Plug and play concept which makes the application and setup simple and easy .
  • Comes with full Illumination solution (variety design of Illumination kit coupled with controllers, brackets and accessories to choose from).

TMS LITE’s website provides our customers with comprehensive information on our products and services, including clear product descriptions, product specifications, 2D and 3D drawings, data sheets and installation videos. We also offer full range World-Class services and facilities, to our customers, at several locations around the world for such as Loan system, Learning Hub, Machine Vision Test Lab, Online Customization System